TNS defends DJ Tira and Prince Kaybee’s honour in interview with MacG

TNS was the ideal guest on the popular YouTube series, Podcast And Chill With MacG, as he appears to have honestly answered all the topical questions posed to him.

TNS was the latest celebrity profiled on the popular Podcast And Chill With MacG on Thursday, 4 June 2020. The podcast episode, which is relatively shorter than most, spans just over 30 minutes but manages to address various topical matters.

The episode’s focus was promoted as, “TNS on Muthi, DJ Tira, Prince Kaybee [and] Lockdown House Party,” with TNS addressing these matters and more with candour. What is apparent throughout the interview is TNS’ respect for his elders and industry peers, including DJ Tira and Prince Kaybee.

In the past, social media users attempted to pit him against his mentors, however, he often defends them against any controversy when given a platform to. Further, he also discussed his removal from the popular music show, Lockdown House Party, and his viral video.

Watch the video below.