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TNS releases latest single, Taquila, from upcoming album, Phupholethu

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TNS has released his seventh single, Taquila, from his upcoming album, Phupholethu, which is the first song to feature no collaborators and purely focus on his production and mixing.

TNS’ Taquila was released today, 8 January 2021, taken from his upcoming album, Phupholethu, which will be officially released on Friday, 29 January 2021. As the seventh single from the album, Taquila is strictly instrumental and has no features from other musicians, unlike the previously released songs from Phupholethu.

TNS has been able to showcase another aspect of his musicality in the new single, as he moves away from the distractions of vocals and catchy lyrics, and focuses on his arrangement and mixes. Taquila takes on a traditional amapiano sound, which encompasses all the elements of a song from that genre, without anything unique.

Amongst his previous releases, Taquila is bound to get lost, as listeners are more likely to be drawn to songs such as Zodwa Wabantu, featuring Danger, Luqua, Peela and Zodwa Wabantu, and Shova, featuring Maque.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Taquila below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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