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TNS to release new single, Umona, featuring Mpumi in September

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Durban-based producer and recording artist, TNS, announced that he is preparing for the release of his new single, Umona, featuring Mpumi as his leading summer single in September 2019.

On Sunday, 28 July 2019, TNS went onto his social media pages to share an image he felt best described the difference between how Johannesburg and Durban-based music artists work together. In the image, the Johannesburg musicians are depicted as working hand in hand as they help each other go up a staircase. The Durban-based musicians, which are depicted below the Johannesburg figures, can be seen stumbling and fumbling about by themselves or struggling in small groups.

In his caption to the post, TNS shared that he is set to release a new single through the hashtag, “#UmonaLoading.” Following the cryptic post, TNS posted a video which did not speak to the image he had just posted, but instead spoke to the reasons why he has chosen to release the single, Umona, featuring Mpumi.

In the video, the artist states that while performing at an undisclosed venue, he decided to play eight unreleased tracks and out of them, Umona generated the most reactions from fans. He noted that the tracks would form part of his upcoming album, Madlokovu King Of African House.

In the video, the artist expressed how positive the response was to Umona. However, he felt it a shame that the other songs he performed did not impact fans in the same way. He ended the video by stating that the single’s release will coincide with the album’s release in September. Umona will be TNS’ leading summer single and will have accompanying visuals.

Watch TNS’ explanatory video below.

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