Toxic mother and a not-so-eligible bachelor on Rea Tsotella

Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella focused on a toxic mother, who misrepresented her children, and her eldest son, Thabo, becoming the voice of reason and eye candy.

Moja Love took to Twitter on Monday, 12 July 2021, to share a preview of the upcoming episode of Rea Tsotella. The fans have been reintroduced to the embattled bishop, Israel Makamu, who is back hosting the show. Moreover, in his third episode since his return, Makamu dealt with a mother that wrote into the show, asking for intervention regarding her allegedly unruly children.

However, it only took the introduction of her first-born child, Thabo, for the real story to be revealed. From Thabo’s reports, it seems that the mother does not possess maternal traits. Moreover, it seems that she raised her children as her peers, as she was doing some growing up herself while they were maturing in the world. The result was a toxic mother who had children that reflected her own behavior to her through their reactions.

Thabo was arguably the star of the show and what seems like the head of the family. This is as he detailed his tough experience growing up, which included having to source his own school fees. His level head and good looks won audiences over. This is as he detailed how as the eldest, he took care of his younger siblings and attempted to protect them from the alleged toxicity of their mother.

However, the fans did remind those that were fawning over Thabo, due to his previously mentioned level head and good looks, that he is married. This was evident through Thabo firstly making reference to his wife. Secondly, the ring on his wedding finger was further indication that he is married.

Overall, the viewing experience of the latest episode of Rea Tsotella left many wondering if the mother wrote to the right show. Suggestions believe that she should have considered writing to Please Step In, as the fans argued that everyone in her family is in need of some form of counselling.