Trix Vivier details her character, Petra Potgieter, on M-Net’s Legacy

Trix Vivier will be taking on the role of Petra Potgieter on M-Net’s Legacy, a woman whose ambition draws her into the politics of the Price family.

Trix Vivier appeared in a behind-the-scenes video on the M-Net YouTube channel on Friday, 4 September 2020. The video detailed her character, Petra Potgieter, who will appear on the upcoming telenovela, Legacy. Trix explained that Petra is a young woman whose desire to be a part of the corporate world brings her to Legacy Enterprises, which subsequently gets her involved in the drama between the Price family members.

Coming from her own family issues, Petra is the daughter of an army veteran who has become abusive due to his struggles with alcoholism. Her brother, who did not finish school, becomes an additional burden to her, causing her to take extreme measures to provide for her family.

Trix stated, “What I love about Legacy is the fact that these are different families, but the issues that these families have are so universal. These characters are so incredibly human.”

Watch the video below.