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Tshamano Sebe stars in upcoming horror movie, 8, premiering on Netflix

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Tshamano Sebe will assume the lead role of Lazarus in the upcoming Netflix horror movie, 8, based entirely in South Africa.

Tshamano Sebe will assume the lead role of a mysterious local outcast, Lazarus, who’s demonic past poses a threat to a young family. The movie, 8, which premieres on Netflix on Friday, 19 June 2020, tells the story of William Ziel who returns to an inherited farmhouse with his wife, Sarah, and adopted niece, Mary. Upon their arrival, strange occurrences continuously take place in the farmhouse, only for it to be linked to Lazarus. The movie, also dubbed The Soul Collector, will see Lazarus’ insatiable hunger for the human soul becoming the driving point of his destructive behaviour.

Tshamano Sebe is known for his roles in Of Good Report, Stokvel and The Piano Player. His antagonist role as Lazarus will see him in his first horror film. Other actors included in the cast are; Garth Breyetenbach as William, Inge Beckmann as Sarah, and Keita Luna as Mary.

Watch the preview of 8, below.

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