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Tshego admits to his state of mind whilst making Hennessy

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Tshego admitted to previously being a drug addict in a recent tweet, claiming that his career was established whilst he was not in a coherent state of mind.

Tshego shared a series of tweets on Thursday, 10 December 2020, where he reflected on his decision to independently own his own music. The chart-topping rapper thanked his parents for equipping him with the internet, as that enabled him to learn about royalties and the importance of taking ownership of all his work.

He went on to share that years back, he had met with Ghetto Ruff Studio employee, Lance Stehr, who had made an offer for him to sign to the label on the spot. Realising that they wanted to own all of his music, he had walked out and decided that it was best that he work independently.

Despite being able to make smart career decisions earlier on in his career, Tshego also revealed that when he had created his hit song, Hennessy, he was a self-diagnosed drug addict. He stated, “As smart as I was, I made mistakes too. I was fully a drug addict when I made Hennessy. That’s the song that made drugs not make sense anymore. At least I’m good with my demons. We good friends.”

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