Tshwane Gospel Choir releases Ke Ithegile Ka Wena live performance

The Tshwane Gospel Choir has released the visuals of the Ke Ithegile Ke Wena live performance, which was recorded during the concert at Carnival City.

The Tshwane Gospel Choir took to YouTube on Tuesday, 8 June 2021, to make the live performance of the worship and praise song, Ke Ithegile Ka Wena, available. The song is led by soprano choir member, Rejoice Mosidi. Rejoice leads the choir in a Sesotho hymn which speaks about turning to the Lord for comfort when all earthly beings have turned against you.

The single is part of the choir’s live-recorded album, The Promised Revival, at Carnival City. The concert was recorded before the pandemic, which is why the visuals showcase life before the pandemic and how performances used to be attended.

Moreover, the album is divided into two parts; with the hymn forming part of The Promised Revival, Part.1, which was released in September 2020. The Promised Revival, Part, 2 was subsequently released in February 2021.

Watch the Ke Ithegile Ka Wena below.