Tshwane Gospel Choir releases My Faith live performance video

The Tshwane Gospel has released the My Faith live performance video, which also forms part of the release of the 2020 live-recorded album, The Promised Revival, Part 1.

The Tshwane Gospel Choir took to Instagram on Tuesday, 20 July 2021, to confirm the availability of the My Faith live performance video. The live performance video marks the first English praise and worship hymn released by the choir as part of the continued promotion of their 2020-released live album, The Promised Revival, Part 1 (Live at Carnival City). Previous releases showcased the versatility of the choral group, as previous releases included Sesotho and isiZulu-led praise and worship hymns.

On My Faith, Seithati Senohe leads the choir in a praise hymn which is focused on building to the crescendo of the single. Dressed in the first live video showcasing their monochromatic outfits, the praise hymn is led by the female vocalists of the choir. Therefore, the performance has an alto and soprano intensity as the female vocalists carry the song.

Senate finds her sweet note of the performance mid-way. Thereafter, instead of the performance being directed by the backing vocalists, Senohe begins to lead the choir instead of taking her lead from the backing vocals.

Watch the My Faith live performance below.