Tumi Morake launches Seriously Single competition, ahead of movie premiere

The star of the upcoming movie, Seriously Single, took to social media to announce a competition which will allow viewers to have the chance to weigh in on the film.

In a post shared on Tumi Morake’s social media pages today, 17 September 2019, the actress stated, “Competition: If you want to join us at the first screening of Seriously Single, then tell us your wildest story about being seriously single. The best entry will win tickets to an exclusive preview [of the film], where you will have the chance to give the filmmakers your feedback on the film.”

Fans immediately began sharing their own stories on the post, in hopes of winning the prize for the once in a lifetime competition. Mmamagase said, “I’m seriously single because I am tired of having something so good and it ends so bad at the end. I am afraid if I fall in love again the relationship might end. I can’t have my heart broken ever again…”.

Seriously Single follows serial dater, Dineo, who is determined to find love. She is known for falling in love immediately and assumes that all relationships she encounters will lead her to marriage. After numerous failed dates, she meets Lunga Sibiya, who appears to be a man who encompasses everything she wants in a partner. Once that relationship inevitably fails, she enlists her single friend, Noni, to help show her the ropes of being single.

Seriously Single is scheduled for release to local cinemas in 2020, with the official release date yet to be announced.