Tyler ICU and DJ Maphorisa release joint EP, Banyana

Tyler ICU and DJ Maphorisa have released a three-track EP, Banyana, which boasts features from the other half of Scorpion Kings, Kabza De Small, and Sir Trill, amongst others.

DJ Maphorisa took to Twitter on Friday, 16 April 2021, to announce that his latest project, Banyana, a joint EP with producer and musician, Tyler ICU, is now available on all major digital music stores. The three-track EP opens with the title track, Banyana, featuring Sir Trill, Daliwonga and Kabza De Small.

The subsequent track is the mid-tempo and deep house-inspired ballad, Wami, featuring Sir Trill and Kabza De Small. Surprisingly, the third and final single, Izolo, does not feature Sir Trill and Kabza De Small, instead, it features Mpura, Daliwonga and Visca.

In listening to the all-male tracklist, it is clear why the EP was titled Banyana, which translates to “women” in Sesotho. Although the EP is not directed at women, it comes across as a conversation between heterosexual men speaking on their various relationships with women.

The EP is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Banyana below.