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uBettina Wethu Teasers: 12 – 14 April 2021

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Here are the highlights for the upcoming 12 – 14 April 2021 episodes for the new soap drama, uBettina Wethu.

uBettina Wethu airs on SABC1 Mondays to Wednesdays at 19:30. The episodes will be also available on VIU.

Monday 12 April 2021

Betty finds out her new boss is her new crush on orientation day. Dingaan is not pleased with the assistant his mother has hired for him, Betty.

Lakhe plans to sabotage Dingaan in his position as MD. Dipudi do their ritual and Betty is made a member.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Bettina’s first event is a disaster between juggling Naomi and the antics of X-it as they break up live on IG.

Dingaan hands Naomi over to Betty to deal with, as he prepares for the MD announcement event. Lakhe helps Linda’s event go up in smoke when she stokes the fires with X-it. Naomi stalks Dingaan.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Betty helps Dingaan out at the staff meeting. Dingaan realises Betty is loyal to him. Lakhe’s plan to take over the staff meeting fails. Betty’s friends are on her side, and Linda is cautiously impressed with Dingaan and Betty.

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