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Ubizo: Reverend Getty Zathu battles with combining Christianity and spirituality

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Ubizo’s Thursday night episode saw psychic-medium, Lloyd Radebe, helping guide Reverend Getty Zathu with coming to terms with her religion and spiritual calling.

Ubizo’s latest episode, which aired on Mzansi Wethu on Thursday, 21 May 2020, saw Lloyd Radebe meeting with Reverend Getty Zathu, who was looking for answers from her ancestors. She explained that as a Christian, she found it hard to adhere to her spiritual or traditional calling, as it contradicted the teachings of the Bible. Lloyd helped her to understand that her spirit guides would like her to combine Christianity and spirituality, as they both work towards serving people.

Thereafter, Lloyd mentioned that her ancestors have felt neglected by her as she continuously ignores a recurring dream. She confirmed that she has constantly been having a dream about being submerged in water, and was uneasy about it because it was a fear of hers. Lloyd explained that the dream was her ancestors’ way of communicating that she should view the water as holy water, suggesting the combination of her religion and spirituality.

Watch the previews of the latest episode of Ubizo below.

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