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Ufelani: Mpho’s mental illness causes a dramatic personality change

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Moja Love’s Ufelani

Ufelani’s Thursday night episode will see Mmabotse detailing her tumultuous relationship with Mpho, and how his mental illness led to the demise of their daughter, Onkgomoditse.

Ufelani’s upcoming episode, which airs on Moja Love tonight, 9 July 2020, will detail the relationship between Mpho and Mmabotse, as well as the traumatic events which led to the death of their daughter, Onkgomoditse. The episode will look back at the positive points of Mpho and Mmabotse’s relationship, which allowed them to form a solid bond within their immediate family. The couple’s relationship was considered a loving one, with Mpho consistently being affectionate towards Mmabotse and even planning a white wedding to celebrate their union.

The upcoming episode will then look at Mpho’s dramatic personality change after being diagnosed with a mental illness and suffering from depression. He then started becoming abusive towards Mpho and Onkgomoditse, subsequently causing for Mmabotse to leave him. The preview shows their daughter’s demise at the hands of her father, who appears to be shocked by his own actions.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Ufelani below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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