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Ufelani: Nombulelo’s boyfriend’s jealously leads to her demise

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Moja Love’s Ufelani

Ufelani’s Thursday night episode followed the story of Nombulelo, who was killed by her boyfriend after he started stalking her.

Ufelani’s latest episode, which aired on Moja Love on Thursday, 30 July 2020, saw Nombulelo’s sister detailing her life and the incidences leading up to her death, which was at the hands of her jealous boyfriend. Her sister explained that she had met her boyfriend whilst out with her friends and was immediately attracted to his charm. As he was a few years older than her, he often treated her with money and gifts, and took her to expensive restaurants and nightclubs.

Her sister also revealed that Nombulelo used to enjoy drinking alcohol, which her boyfriend contributed to. As their relationship started to get more serious, her boyfriend began following her around the neighbourhood and monitoring her every move. One day, he came across her speaking to another man, which angered him to the point that he later killed her in her house. Nombulelo’s sister was the one who found her, stating that she was heartbroken to see what had resulted from her relationship.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Ufelani below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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