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Umoya: This week’s episode sees Mpho Enhle struggle to balance work and family

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Psychic medium, Mpho Enhle, struggles between spending time with her family and being inundated with private reading requests, leaving her overwhelmed at a family braai.

The upcoming episode of Moja Love’s Umoya sees Mpho Enhle organise a braai in order to reconnect with members of her family. Whilst at the braai, she is surrounded by people who interrupt her family time for private readings. This episode allows the audience to have a glimpse at Mpho Enhle’s struggle between helping people and spending time with her closest family and friends.

The trailer for this week’s episode shows Mpho Enhle being pulled aside at a family braai, where she is asked to deliver a private reading to a group of three women. Obliged by her spiritual guides, she delivers messages from a young child who reaches out to her mother, offering her a sense of closure. Later, Mpho Enhle is seen discussing her role as a medium to her family and friends, where she states how it has affected her life.

Umoya is hosted by Mpho Enhle, a psychic medium who helps people connect with their departed loved ones. Her gift allows her to have insight into a person’s past, present and future, which offers them assurance and solace. The season will see her sitting down with individuals found in her audience, and giving them a focused reading, as well as encounter people in her day-to-day life, whom she feels a spiritual connection with.

Watch the trailer for this week’s episode of Umoya below.

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