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Urban Village release debut album, Udondolo

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Urban Village have introduced their unique sound to listeners with their debut album, Udondolo, showcasing their combination of different genres into one.

Urban Village’s Udondolo was released today, 22 January 2021, comprising 12 songs and only one feature from Msaki on the final track, Umhlaba Wonke. The Soweto quartet aims to give listeners a window into their roots through their music, which was inspired by their surroundings. According to Apple Music, their debut album is a vibrant showcase of their traditional roots, whilst blending folk with elements of rock, funk, mbaqanga and isicathamiya.

Udondolo’s intention is to speak directly to communities and highlight societal issues that should motivate them to come together for the sake of South Africa’s future. The band hopes to inspire the country to look beyond colour and creed, whilst saluting those who have managed to make a life for themselves after the apartheid regime. Urban Village worked with French producer, Frédéric Soulard, who helped refine and polish each song on the album to make it universally appealing.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Udondolo below.

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