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Uthando Noxolo: Ntokozo provides update on family member’s unnatural practices

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Uthando Noxolo’s Tuesday night episode followed Ntokozo Mdogo, whose mother passed away in 2016, who confronted a family member believed to be practicing witchcraft on his late mother’s spirit.

Uthando Noxolo’s season premiere, which aired on Moja Love on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, saw Ntokozo reaching out to host, Andile Gaelesiwe, for help in confronting a potentially dangerous family member. Ntokozo explained that since his mother’s passing in 2016, the family member has been hoarding her possessions and room, and does not allow anyone near her things. He claimed that when he had a glimpse at the room, it was clear that the man was practicing witchcraft using his mother’s possessions, ultimately causing for her spirit to be trapped on earth.

The episode saw Andile and Ntokozo confronting the man, who denied all allegations. Eventually, the team gained access into the room, and confirmed that the man was partaking in unnatural practices.

Following the episode, Ntokozo took to Facebook to update viewers, stating, “Please just know that these things are still happening. He said he will be back for me. I am just waiting for him. I saw him in my dreams, he [asked] for an apology, which he said that I would never give to him.” Viewers were terrified after watching the episode and seeing Ntokozo’s update.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Uthando Noxolo below.

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