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Uyajola 9/9: Rayleigh causes physical altercation with boyfriend and alleged mistress

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Moja Love TV announces two-hour season premiere of Uyajola 9/9

Uyajola 9/9’s Sunday night episode saw Rayleigh finding out that her boyfriend has indeed been seeing another woman, leading to her confronting him at a public gathering.

Uyajola 9/9’s latest episode, which aired on Moja Love on Sunday, 24 May 2020, saw Rayleigh consulting the show about her suspicions regarding her boyfriend. She explained that he was constantly lying to her and she believed that there were too many inconstancies in his stories. After the Uyajola 9/9 team’s intervention and extensive research, it was confirmed that he was indeed seeing another woman. Rayleigh then decided to confront him at a social event he was attending with his alleged mistress.

When meeting them, Rayleigh immediately charged at them aggressively, causing a physical altercation to ensue between them and the other guests. The alleged mistress defended herself against Rayleigh and explained that she was not special, as her boyfriend had multiple partners. Rayleigh then realised that dating a man for his money was not worth it, as he did not off her any respect within their relationship.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Uyajola 9/9 below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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