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Uzalo: Gabisile admits that she is still in love with Qhabanga

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Uzalo shares behind-the-scenes visuals of season finale

Thursday night’s episode of Uzalo saw Gabisile confessing to Badumile that she only intended on living with Nkunzi to make MaMlambo’s life miserable, as she still loves Qhabanga.

The latest episode of SABC 1’s Uzalo, which aired on Thursday, 7 November 2019, saw Gabisile having a candid conversation with Badumile about her plan to destroy MaMlambo. She revealed that she has no feelings for Nkunzi because of his poor treatment towards her throughout her life, but she still has feelings for his brother, Qhabanga. She went on to explain that her life was derailed by MaMlambo, whose influence on Qhabanga ruined their marriage. She stated that she has made it her sole mission to make sure MaMlambo and Nkunzi do not end up together as that will destroy MaMlambo’s life.

Viewers sided with Gabisile on social media, with many stating that MaMlambo deserves to pay for the trouble she has caused. Lungelo Mhlanga commented, “I’m with Gabisile on this one. MaMlambo behaves as though she can have everything in life. It’s time someone brought her down to earth.” Thembi Enges also stated, “Badumile is favouring Gabisile even though her plan is evil. But this is what happens when you are a bad person like MaMlambo.”

The upcoming episode of Uzalo sees Fihliwe executing her revenge plan whilst Gabisile finds a new suitor. Sbu learns the hard way that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Uzalo airs weekdays on SABC 1 at 20:30.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Uzalo below.

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