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Uzalo: Gabisile saves Qhabanga from being shot by Nkunzi

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Uzalo: Gabisile admits that she is still in love with Qhabanga

Friday night’s episode of Uzalo saw Gabisile intercepting a potential shooting between Nkunzi and Qhabanga, ultimately saving Qhabanga’s life.

The latest episode of SABC 1’s Uzalo saw Gabisile saving Qhabanga’s life as Nkunzi attempted to shoot him because of his relationship with MaMlambo. Thereafter, Gabisile stated that she saved him because he is her husband and their relationship can withstand any obstacle they have to face. She, once again, professed her love for him and appealed for him to forget about his other relationship and move on with their marriage. MaMlambo overheard Gabisile’s request and rushed off before hearing Qhabanga’s response. He told Gabisile that although he is thankful that she saved him, he is still committed to MaMlambo and intends on continuing his relationship with her.

Fans commented on Gabisile’s persistence, with many stating that her constant effort to save her marriage will get her nowhere, besides in trouble. Dimakatso Makisto Mokwena shared a tweet stating, “Gabisile is [a] gangster. A literal example of wolf in sheep’s clothing. She [isn’t] tolerating the man-snatcher like Lindiwe. MaMlambo is skating on thin ice, it seems.” Others commented on Qhabanga’s loyalty to MaMlambo, stating that it is ironic that he possesses such devotion to MaMlambo, when their relationship began on disloyalty.

The upcoming episode of Uzalo sees Nkunzi planning to orchestrate a big car heist. Once finding out about this, MaNgcobo ruins his plans, whilst Fikile and Sbu plan to take over the salon.

Uzalo airs weekdays on SABC 1 at 20:30.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Uzalo below.

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