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Uzalo: Nkunzi signs his business over to Khathaza

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Uzalo: Gabisile admits that she is still in love with Qhabanga

Friday night’s episode of Uzalo saw Nkunzi signing over his business to Khathaza, in an attempt to raise money to pay the ransom requested by Zekhethelo’s captors.

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The latest episode of SABC 1’s Uzalo, which aired on Friday, 12 July 2019, saw Nkunzi sign over his business to Khathaza after agreeing to a payment of R10 million. Unaware that Khathaza is the one responsible for his daughter’s kidnapping, Nkunzi accepts his offer and gears up to hand over the money to the kidnapper. Thereafter, Khathaza goes home to celebrate his victory with his wife, who is unaware of how he acquired the business.

Fans took to social media to share their harsh opinions about Khathaza, with many stating that his actions will sooner or later impact his life negatively. Many highlighted the fact that Nkunzi has gone through many hardships recently, and despite his hardcore exterior, he is bound to crack under the pressure.  Suku Mackenzie shared a comment on YouTube which stated, “Khathaza must fall!!”, whilst Ikgopoleng Rantsuo shared those sentiments by stating, “Khathaza is playing with fire. Nkunzi will deal with him. Don’t worry.”

The upcoming episode of Uzalo sees MaMlambo wake up after being unconscious for numerous days, after being shot by Gabisile. Nkunzi is left devasted after she refuses to go home with him, wanting to be with her current boyfriend, Qhabanga. Once awake, MaMlambo faces Gabisile, which leaves Gabisile fearful that the truth will be revealed.

Uzalo airs weekdays on SABC 1 at 20:30.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Uzalo below.

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