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Uzalo’s Sizwe Khumbuza content with Godfather’s exit from the show

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Sizwe Khumbuza exclusively reveals that his character on Uzalo falls in love with a leading lady

Uzalo’s Sizwe Khumbuza has confirmed his exit from the popular SABC 1 weekday drama, further expressing gratitude at the opportunity to portray such a popular character.

Uzalo’s Sizwe Khumbuza portrayed the charming, yet conniving, character of Godfather, who quickly became a fan-favourite since his introduction to the storyline in March 2020. In an interview with JustNje today, 30 July 2020, the actor praised Thulane Shange, who portrayed his brother, Thulani, for making the entire experience memorable.

With fans devastated by the news of the pair’s exit from the show at the end of season six, he explained that as an actor, it is understood that characters are given a timeline relating to a particular storyline. When asked if he was content with Godfather’s exit, he stated, “Most definitely. As actors, we play characters in a story, whose story sometimes requires certain characters to exit to serve the purpose of the story. I am very happy to have had such a beautiful experience at Stained Glass TV.”

Sizwe also revealed to JustNje that his next role will see him starring alongside his twin brother, Lizwe Khumbuza, in a television production which will air on SABC 2.

Listen to the full interview below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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