Vicky Vee Jonas ordered to publicly apologise to Cindy Mahlangu

Vicky Vee Jonas has publicly apologised to Cindy Mahlangu, after she was served with a Letter Of Demand from the actress to retract her tweet which contained false information.

Vicky Vee Jonas and Cindy Mahlangu are topping the Twitter trends after a public apology was made by Vicky today, 10 March 2021. This comes five days after the influencer shared a tweet accusing actress, Cindy Mahlangu, of being the woman her boyfriend was cheating on her with. She stated, “I see a lot of sh*t happening, but I choose to keep quiet. Not Cindy Thando being [flown] out by someone who is about to be my ex.”

Cindy was evidently offended by the claim and issued a Letter of Demand ordering Vicky to retract her tweet and make a public apology, otherwise she would have to face legal consequences. Adhering to her legal obligation, Vicky stated, “I would like to unreservedly and unequivocally apologise to Cindy Thando for my tweet published on the 5th of March 2021, I was aggrieved by the turn of events then went to publish without applying myself. Thus, I retract my tweet.”

Cindy has made it clear that the apology was not issued without a prompt, and shared the Letter of Demand which was sent to Vicky. She captioned the posted, “This is the apology I accept.”

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