Vongai Mapho shares make-up tutorial using products from beauty brand, Maybelline

The beauty influencer and vlogger took to Instagram on Friday, 6 September 2019, to share a video of her latest beauty creation, using products from beauty brand, Maybelline.

Make-up is a popular part of many people’s everyday lives, with social media users relying on beauty vloggers and influencers in order to come up with creative uses for it. One such beauty influencer that many social media users look to is vlogger, Vongai Mapho, who is known for her coveted make-up tutorials, beauty tips and fashion-forward choices.

Vongai is also one of the go-to beauty influencers among social media users for the latest in hair extensions and wigs. She took to Instagram on Friday, 6 September 2019, to share a make-up video using products from the popular beauty brand, Maybelline.

Although not sponsored by the brand, the beauty vlogger used the caption to detail the products that she used to create her sultry look. The video begins with her bare-faced, before going into the step-by-step process of the desired look.

Her process follows the standard make-up routine that she has previously shared in make-up tutorial videos. She applies the make-up primer first, followed by the foundation. Next comes the concealer, then powder, before moving on to the eyes, which are the focus of the look. She completes her look with a spritz of the setting spray and a nude coral lipstick before wearing a black curly wig to finish off the look.

The video has since garnered positive traction, with almost 7 000 views.

Watch the make-up tutorial below.