Vusi Nova shares words of advice with the Idols SA Top Six

Vusi Nova performed his latest single ‘As’phelelanga’ featuring Jessica Mbangeni, live on Idols SA at the State Theatre on Sunday, 14 October 2018.

The latest episode of Idols SA saw Xhosa musician Vusi Nova perform his latest single ‘As’phelelanga’, alongside vocalist Jessica Mbangeni, at the State Theatre on Sunday, 14 October.

The single is dedicated as a remembrance to fallen South African musical heroes, including Miriam Makheba, Ray Phiri, Lucky Dube and Busi Mhlongo. Nova recently spoke about his fear of being forgotten in an interview. “Probably my biggest fear is being forgotten when I die or when I’m gone,” he said. “I am human, so I worry about it. When you are passionate about something and want to give the world something, you worry about being forgotten.”

The Idols SA audience is unlikely to forget Nova’s performance, as he delivered a stellar vocal rendition and physical embodiment of the song’s touching lyrics.

Following his performance, Nova spoke to the Idols SA team about the single and gave the Top Six contestants some words of advice:

On ‘As’phelelanga’, he said, “So, in terms of how the inspiration for my new single As’phelelanga came about, it’s simple for me really…these are guys that literally struggled… these guys that I mention in the song fought for our freedom as black people, they fought for me, for us to be able to stand on stages like these…so, that song for me, was a song that just had to happen.”

He then shared a few words of wisdom for the remaining Idols contestants, saying, “Advice for the Idols…obviously the talent is there. I know you guys are getting an education right now with ear training and voice training. I would really recommend that you carry on with that, and over and above that, just believe in yourself and put in the hard work,” he said.

Watch the full interview here