The top trends for walk-in shower tile ideas 2022

Shower tiles and decisions made on the style can affect your whole room experience, therefore, when choosing a tile design, it is important to be aware of the trends. 

Arguably one of the most liberating aspects of living in 2022, is the idea that nothing is out of bounds in terms of trends and style.

This is unlike the 2000s and 2010s, when there was a universal understanding of what was “in” or “on trend.”

The early 2020s have shown that nothing is out of bounds, especially if the person owning their style or flare is unapologetic in their decision.

Hence, when looking at what is trendy, specifically referring to walk-in shower tiles or bathroom tile designs, the options are limitless.

However, there are some styles and treatments of bathroom and shower designs which are currently favoured by insiders as the top shower and bathroom trends of 2022.

In understanding the trend, each person can then translate that into their unique style.

A quick guide to deciding on bathroom and shower tile designs

Before discussing the top five trends which are considered the top trends in walk-in shower designs for the year, it is important to always be conscious of how you want your bathroom experience to be like.

For instance, if you are looking for a calming experience when in the bathroom,  consider more muted and detail-oriented tile designs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an inspiring or vibrant bathroom experience, then it would be recommended to choose bold or print-based tile designs.

This will ensure that every time you walk into the bathroom, the walk-in shower design will be a point of fascination and inspiration.

The top trends for walk-in shower tile ideas 2022

Turning to nature for inspiration

This year, there has been a trend of returning to nature for inspiration when deciding on a colour palette for the shower and bathroom.

Again, depending on your personality and requirement for the bathroom experience, there are two ways to let nature inspire you.

If you are looking for a statement shower experience, then opt for colours like greens or blues, so as to make the shower the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Alternatively, for a more muted bathroom inspired by nature, opt for tan and light brown shades for the walk-in shower tile details. This will provide a calmer and understated bathroom experience.

This can also be anchored by black shower detail, like the head and knobs, to further provide the grounding experience.

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Print is always an option

Statement walk-in shower walls are considered one of the biggest raves of this year. The idea is to create a one colourway bathroom and, using the shower wall as a backsplash, you can introduce a bold pattern on the wall to make it the statement wall of the bathroom.

Print ideas for the statement wall can be a tropical-inspired tile pattern, hand-painted bright mosaic tiles, new heritage textile designs, or even Moroccan-inspired pattern tile designs. The options are limitless.

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Dark colours can still make a statement

It was believed that using dark colours like dark blues, greys, blacks was a no-no for the bathroom. This is as it was believed that the use thereof made the room look smaller and morbid.

However, with the advent of minimalistic and modern designs, aimed at subverting this narrative, dark colours have made their way back into trends.

A trick when using dark colours as the primary colour in the room is to be minimalistic with the rest of the room.

Therefore, glass and marble finishes are preferred, with everything else, like toothbrushes and holders, being tucked away in drawers. A big window or light detail can also add that extra something to the room.

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Contrast always works, when all else does not

A foolproof way to make the bathroom or walk-in shower have some fascination, is through introducing contrast. This can be through using two different tile styles together in the bathroom.

For instance, using one tile design for the bathroom floor, juxtaposed with one used on the walls or walk-in show. Alternatively, through the use of two differently shaped but complementary tile designs.

For those with more flare, this could be introduced through colour. One might opt to use colour for the bathroom floor, with the walls and shower tiled with a different colour and/or shaped tiles.

However, for the less adventurous, this detail could be minor, like a contrast pattern in the show cubby hole compared to the rest of the bathroom.

Faux tiles allow for versatility

There is currently a growing trend of using faux tile details, which are designed like wallpapers and are plastered on statement walls in the walk-in shower. This allows for the homeowner to be able to decide what they like in terms of tile designs.

While faux tiles, especially for the shower, can be labour intensive, they do have a reduced turnaround time than tiles to plaster or take down.

This freedom gives the homeowner the option to routinely change the design without the hassle of thinking about the labour and time.

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