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Watch Adam Lambert’s New Eyes music video

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Adam Lambert - New Eyes

Singer Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, released the music video for his new single New Eyes on Tuesday, 14 May 2019.

New Eyes sees Lambert take on a seductive 70s-inspired vibe. Adam boasts his falsetto range alongside a brooding guitar-driven melody. Lyrically, New Eyes delves into the depths of a romantic connection so deep, he is spellbound by the chemistry between them.

The Miles & AJ-directed music video sees a continuation of the retro theme. Here, Adam performs New Eyes at a club as different storylines unfold, laced by a mysterious green potion. The first storyline we see is two women comforting one another where one is evidently upset; they rub the green potion on their wrists and begin kissing. Following this, an artist is given a glowing green record, spurring his creativity. Lastly, an elderly man slips a tab of green substance and enjoys euphoria.

Watch the New Eyes music video below.

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