Watch Alesso’s Time music video

Swedish heavyweight DJ Alesso released the music video for his song Time on Friday, 8 March 2019, the same day he released his mixtape Progresso Volume 1.

Time is proving to be a potential hit, with its infectious lyrics and vibrant house-pop beat that intertwines with the metallic disco essence of the song. This song appeals to those that are fans of Alesso’s classic sound, as well as the mainstream audience.

The music video for Time takes place in a dilapidated and deserted post-apocalyptic town where a robot wanders around and discovers assorted Alesso-related paraphernalia. The robot discovers music, which leads to it playing a piano and dancing to the beat of Time.

Time is the lead single from Alesso’s most recent mixtape Progresso Volume 1.

Watch the Time music video below.