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Watch Anuel AA’s Por Ley music video

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Puerto Rican rap star Anuel AA released the music video for his latest single Por Ley on Thursday, 23 May 2019.

Por Ley is a trap anthem through and through, seeing Anuel AA stray from his recent route of smooth R&B and bubbly reggaeton, and return more savage than ever. Here, we see Anuel AA deliver a passionate, rowdy performance as he raps alongside a menacing hip-hop beat.

The music video for Por Ley is set in a morgue. Two coroners are seen dissecting a body and are visibly startled when they hear a rumble in the drawers and proceed to run away. As they leave, a draw mysteriously opens, and we see a deceased Anuel AA wake and begin performing. Throughout the video, we see shots of Anuel AA rapping besides masked characters, as well as other bodies awakening at the sound of Por Ley.

Watch Anuel AA’s Por Ley music video below.

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