Watch Bad Bunny’s Callaíta music video

Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny released the music video for his collaborative single with reggaeton producer Tainy, Callaita, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

Callaita is an energetic and attitude-filled delivery from Bad Bunny that truly encapsulates the summer spirit. A booming percussive lineup supports Bad Bunny’s boisterous performance, while illuminating synths and chirping seagulls add to this sweltering summer anthem.

The music video is well suited to the meaning of Callaita, which is a relatively unassuming woman that grows more rowdy with each drink. The storyline follows a woman who enjoys a wild night out with her friends, simultaneously capturing Bad Bunny’s attention. The woman and her friends drink and party, taking the after party to the beach where they enjoy a carnival with Bad Bunny.

Watch the Callaita music video below.