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Watch Becky G and Digital Farm Animals’ Next To You music video, featuring Rvssian

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Singer-songwriter Becky G and English producer Digital Farm Animals shared the music video for their collaborative single Next To You, featuring Jamaican producer Rvssian.

The Daniel Duran-directed music video was released on Friday, 26 April 2019. The visuals follow the turbulent relationship experienced by Becky G and her partner. The clip opens with a scene showcasing all featured artists and quickly transitions to a retrospective scene of Becky G and her boyfriend. The relationship starts off passionate and easy, but transcends into cold and hostile, once the singer begins to draw back.

As heard in the lyrics, which are also performed in a club setting with Digital Farm Animals in the DJ box and Rvssian loitering in the location, Becky G owns up to her shortcomings. The song talks about making the same mistakes over and over again, which ultimately leads to the demise of each relationship. Next To You incorporates a dance-heavy chorus, which picks up the tempo of the song.

Watch the Next To You music video below.

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