Watch Billie Eilish’s live performance of her single, Wish You Were Gay

Seventeen-year old singing sensation Billie Eilish serenaded her English fans with a live performance of her single Wish You Were Gay, on Monday, 29 April 2019.

The video opens with fans professing their love for the singer, sharing that her music makes them feel overwhelmed yet understood. One fan in particular states, “Her lyrics really relate to our generation more than like any artist I’ve heard before.”

The video then transitions from black and white to colour, showing Eilish moments before she takes the stage at the London Arena.

Dressed in an oversized black t-shirt and shorts, the singer performs the song to the thousands of fans who echo each a lyric of Wish You Were Gay with her. Supported by her tour band, Eilish jumps around during the high beat portions of the song and remains composed during the slower verses. Scenes of her interacting with the fans are intertwined with her live performance, showing the impact she has on the crowd.

Watch the Wish You Were Gay live performance below.