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Watch Bryant Myers’ Acapella music video, featuring El Alfa, Jon Z, Myke Towers and Almighty

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Puerto Rican musician Bryant Myers released the music video for his latest single Acapella, featuring El Alfa, Jon Z, Myke Towers and Almighty on Tuesday, 14 May 2019.

The music video, directed by Onevista, shows Myers along with the featured artists in and around a stationary bus, where a group of beautiful girls pose for the camera. Shot in the night time where a storm is ensuing, the musicians perform their individual verses amongst the women who dance around them, as well as individually. The camera alternates between the women and the performing artist and switches between close-up shots and wide angles.

The explicit song hears the artists sing about being intimate with a woman without using protection. They relate the term acapella, which involves singing without backing instruments, to the concept of being intimate with a woman. The music video has amassed well over one million views on YouTube since its release.

Watch the Acapella music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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