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Watch Chris Brown’s Wobble Up music video, featuring Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy

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Chris Brown - Wobble ft Nicki Minaj x G-Eazy

R&B singer Chris Brown released the music video for his latest single Wobble Up, featuring Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy, on Monday, 20 May 2019.

The dance-heavy music video uses vibrant colours to showcase the song’s spunky nature, by incorporating various computer-generated backgrounds which add to the vivaciousness of the video. The visuals open with a briefcase opening, which leads to a beach scene with the artists. The focus is then on Chris Brown as he performs the chorus in a neon-lit location which comprises dancers who perform a choreographed routine with the singer.

Nicki Minaj then makes her appearance in front of a CIG sand castle, performing her rap verses in and around the different coloured rooms. Chris Brown dances carefree behind her as she frolics in the sand whilst performing for the camera. G- Eazy showcases his vocal contribution in an edited beach scene as well as in front of a light blue studio background.

The music video has amassed over three million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Watch the Wobble Up music video below.

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