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Watch City Girls’ Senior City Girls Twerk music video, featuring Cardi B



City Girls - Senior City Girls Twerk music video ft Cardi B

Hip-hop duo City Girls released the music video for the extended version of their single Senior City Girls Twerk featuring Cardi B on Friday, 22 March 2019.

The music video opens with a group of senior citizen women in a dance studio, preparing for a dance class by choreographer Prada. When she enters the room, she shows them a series of advanced moves that all include the millennial dance move– twerking. The visuals then transition to the set of a music video, where the ladies are dressed in hip-hop clothing and three of the ladies lip-sync the verses which are originally performed by City Girls and Cardi B.

The original music video was released in January 2019 and featured the artists in the visuals. The extended version, however, showcases the senior group of women performing the song and according to a statement seen in the opening scene, is an attempt to show that women of all ages are able to twerk.

Watch the Senior City Girls Twerk (Extended Version) music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo