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Watch Dalex’s Pa Mi (Remix) music video, featuring Sech, Rafa Pabön, Cazzu, Feid, Khea and Lenny Tavárez

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Dalex - Pa Mi (Remix) ft Sech x Rafa Pabön x Cazzu x Feid x Khea x Lenny Tavárez

Latin singer Dalex teamed up with an all-star line-up of musicians namely Sech, Rafa Pabön, Cazzu, Feid, Khea and Lenny Tavárez to release the music video for Pa Mi (Remix) on Friday, 10 May 2019.

Pa Mi (Remix) is a fresh take on the original. The remix features more artists, each bringing their own unique flair to the song and music video. Dalex and Rafa Pabön lead the pack with their smooth, sensual vocals; Sech, Feid, Khea and Lenny Tavárez lend some contrasting verses of solid Latin rap. Cazzu rounds things off with her delicate, lilted vocals.

The music video is of the group performing Pa Mi (Remix). Colourful smoke, neon illustrations and visual distortions are used to add a fun dimension to the video, without deterring the viewer’s focus from their high-energy performance. Each artist has their moment in the spotlight as their name, written in an illuminated font, appears beside them as they perform their verse.

Watch the Pa Mi (Remix) music video below.

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