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Watch DJ InviZAble’s Radisson Red Special Live Set



Watch DJ InviZAble’s Radisson Red Special Live Set

DJ and producer DJ InviZAble was invited by Esizayo and Radisson Red for a live broadcast to showcase the artist and his musical repertoire on Friday, 15 March 2019.

The live broadcast is an hour-long set that features DJ InviZAble playing at Bantry Bay Rocks’ rocky coastline. The broadcast is a visual feast using three cameras, each providing its own perspective on the DJ’s set and the scenery.

The drone provides panoramic and aerial shots of the space, the roaming camera follows the DJ as he moves within the space, and the POV camera focuses on the DJ when he is on the decks.

DJ InviZAble, real name Nick Matthews, showcases how varied his musical style is with the broadcast. He starts with a purely electro and dance sequence, but the more he plays, he starts introducing other house sub-genres like tribal, afro and deep-soulful house elements.

Watch the Radisson Red Presents: DJ InviZAble live set below.

Sabelo Makhubo