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Watch Dodie’s Guiltless music video

Dodie - Guiltless

English singer-songwriter Dodie released the music video for her single, Guiltless, on Monday, 10 June 2019.

Speaking about her latest release in an article published by Clash on Tuesday, 28 May 2019, Dodie commented: “There are those complex relationships in life where there’s so much love, but so much anger, disbelief, guilt, expectation and resentment.”

The music video for Guiltless sees Dodie deal with her hefty baggage, both physical and emotional. It begins with her trying to put on a fake smile for the cameras but being taunted by a large suitcase. When she opens it, she is faced with plumes of black smoke that make her shut the case and shove it underneath a bed. To her dismay, it doesn’t stay hidden and as she opens it again, it pulls her inside into black nothingness.

Watch the Guiltless music video below.

Taylor Goodman
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