Watch Drake Bell’s Fuego Lento music video

American singer and musician Drake Bell released the music video for his single, Fuego Lento (Slow Burn), on Wednesday, 29 May 2019.

In an unexpected turn for Drake Bell, the artist has dipped his toes into the pool of Latino pop and Reggaeton with his scintillating single Fuego Lento. Drake’s clear vocal rings beside a chiming guitar-driven melody that gains rhythm and bounce from static percussion.

The music video for Fuego Lento follows Drake and a beautiful woman around Mexico City. Here, the viewer is treated to a colorful and energetic performance from Drake as he strums his guitar and performs a dance with his love interest. Throughout the video, we see shots of fiery dance routines and scenic shots of the vibrant city.

The video closes with a lively party scene where Drake and his love interest enjoy each other’s company amongst friends.

Watch the Fuego Lento music video below.