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Watch Eric Bellinger’s Type A Way music video, featuring Chris Brown and OG Parker

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Eric Bellinger - Type A Way ft Chris Brown x OG Parker

American singer Eric Bellinger released the music video for his latest single, Type A Way, featuring Chris Brown and OG Parker, on Monday, 10 June 2019.

The music video opens with Bellinger and Brown seated together, discussing how bored they are. To liven their spirits, Bellinger offers Brown a pair of virtual reality glasses which teleport them to a raging party filled with girls, alcohol and dancing. The psychedelic video incorporates vibrant editing, which gives the visuals a trippy appearance. Each artist performs their verses individually; as Chris Brown impresses with his dance moves, Eric Bellinger seeks comfort from a woman and OG Parker partakes in the party’s festivities.

The visuals also see cameos from acclaimed singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and viral dance sensation Dan Rue. Type A Way hears the musicians urging their partners to give in to temptation, as they are capable of making them feel a certain type of way. The music video has garnered over one million views on YouTube since its release.

Watch the Type A Way music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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