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Watch Foals’ White Onions music video

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English alternative rock band Foals released the music video for their song White Onions on Monday, 11 March 2019.

White Onions is a fast-paced, energy-based song. Although the song’s lyrics are not complex, they are passionate and seek to stir up emotion in the listener.

In an article published by Consequence of Sound on 8 March 2019, band member Yannis commented on the song’s lyrics, stating “Lyrically, it’s the logical response to this feeling of being caught in a bind and there’s references to mazes and cages. Again, it’s like this labyrinth, this issue of how to find the correct way out.”

The music video is shot in black and white and showcases the band performing the song. The White Onions music video complements the song, as it is simple and strips things down to the passion conveyed in the band’s performance.

Watch the White Onions music video below.

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