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Watch Gabbie Hanna’s Butterflies music video

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YouTube sensation and singer Gabbie Hanna released the music video for her latest single, Butterflies, released on Friday, 31 May 2019.

The vibrant visuals show the singer in a variety of colourful settings, where she performs the song with a jovial expression on her face. As the lyrics take an aggressive turn, Hanna maintains her happy exterior, whilst taking out her frustration by destroying the sets, causing her to injure herself. The song hears her singing about entering a relationship with someone who is not good for her. As the relationship progresses, she confirms her initial thoughts. Despite knowing he is bad for her, she stays in the relationship and continues to get hurt willingly.

The single is taken off Hanna’s recent EP, 2 Way Mirror, also released on Friday, 31 May 2019. The music video has garnered over two million views on YouTube since its release and currently sits at number 24 on YouTube’s Worldwide Trending Page.

Watch the Butterflies music video below.

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