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Watch Gabbie Hanna’s Medicate music video

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Watch Gabbie Hanna’s Medicate music video

Internet superstar Gabbie Hanna released the music video for her new single Medicate on Saturday, 2 February 2019, a day after the single’s release.

The YouTube personality and singer-songwriter explores the subject of mental health that goes along with a failed relationship.

Hanna is seen in what looks like an addictions meeting group, although she is the only person in attendance. The camera revolves around the singer as she sits alone looking distressed and uneasy. She gives an understated yet emotive performance as she delivers the heavy song.

Hanna’s fans took to YouTube to post ‘reaction videos’, where they expressed their love for the song and music video.

Medicate debuted at number 5 on the American iTunes chart and the music video has received 1.1 million views since its release.

Watch the Medicate music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]