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Watch Gabbie Hanna’s Perfect Day (A True Story) music video

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American singer and songwriter Gabbie Hanna released the music video for her current single, Perfect Day (A True Story), on Friday, 7 June 2019.

Gabbie Hanna uses her acting abilities to show, rather than tell, what happened the morning after she woke up from her perfect day with who she thought was the love of her life. The music video is set on a stage with a single spotlight, a black foldable chair as the only prop, and Gabbie Hanna dressed in an all-black performance attire.

The music video uses the song as a directive of where the plot points are,  her positionality on the chair reflecting her emotional state. When she is singing about the happy times she sits comfortably on the chair, shifts when she reveals the betrayals and pushes the chair away from her when she decides it is over.

Watch the Perfect Day (A True Story) music video below.

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