Watch Giggs’ Baby music video

British grime rapper Giggs released the music video for his single Baby on Sunday, 28 April 2019.

Baby features Giggs’ signature sinisterly gruffy yet sensual raps. The song is centered on Giggs’ ominous raps on a bellowing, grandiose beat. There is also the addition of backing vocals of female moans, adding to the sensuous tone of the song.

The groovy music video was directed by Myles Whittingham and is set in an Austin Powers-like club scene. Here we see British actor Tom Moutchi appear as a character called Bossting Powers alongside a character called LikkleMan. Giggs also appears, surrounded by a bevy of women. Bossting Powers and LikkleMan are evidently in conflict at first, both vying for the women’s attention, but eventually come together after realizing there are more than enough women for them both.

Watch the Baby music video below.