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Watch HRflow’s Letagadom music video

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HRflow - Letagadom

Hungarian pop singer HRflow released the music video for his latest single, Letagadom, on Tuesday, 4 June 2019.

HRflow produced a mid-tempo, Caribbean-inspired single with Letagadom and the visuals of the music video narrate the end of a relationship. The music video starts with the female love interest  standing in the rain with an umbrella obscuring her face.  She remains rooted in the same location as the camera cuts to HRflow singing in the rain before it cuts to him in the study of his apartment. Even when the music video cuts to the female interest walking up the stairs to the study, her face is still not revealed.

The music video plays with the idea of separation after an end of a relationship, showing how the couple shared the same space but, because of their break-up, are never in the same frame together.

Watch the Letagadom music video below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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