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Watch ILLENIUM and Jon Bellion’s Good Things Fall Apart music video

ILLENIUM ft Jon Bellion - Good Things Fall Apart

American musician, DJ and producer ILLENIUM teamed up with singer Jon Bellion to release the music video for their collaborative single, Good Things Fall Apart, on Monday, 10 June 2019.

Good Things Fall Apart is an explosive single that sees Jon Bellion’s vocals soar alongside ILLENIUM’s thundering instrumentation. Lyrically, the single is about someone who is going through a period of heartbreak, the individual lamenting over the possible reasons that led to the relationship’s failure.

The music video for Good Things Fall Apart begins with a message that reads ‘As the earth begins to crumble, the human race has evacuated into the vast unknown. Our last transport begins its ascent.’ The visuals have a distinctive dystopian feel as we watch two humans flee a glowing, red lava covered Earth at the last minute. In between this, we see shots of Jon Bellion performing Good Things Fall Apart as ILLENIUM pounds away at the drums.

Watch the Good Things Fall Apart music video below.

Taylor Goodman
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