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Watch Jon Z and Enrique Iglesias’ Despues Que Te Perdi music video

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Latin singers Jon Z and Enrique Iglesias teamed up for their first collaboration titled Despues Que Te Perdi.

The trap-infused song was released with the accompanying music video on Wednesday, 13 March 2019. The music video takes place in a cabin surrounded by snow, as the artists perform their individual verses in warm clothing. Jon Z opens the visuals from inside the cabin and is later joined by Iglesias as he treks towards the wooden home through treacherous snow. They then sit side by side at an outside fire, where they both solemnly deliver the song. The scenes are intercut with visuals of a ballerina, who playfully dances for the camera.

The Spanish song tells the story of a man who regrets his poor treatment of his ex-girlfriend. Both artists sing about hearing from the girl’s family, who tell them that she is not the woman she used to be because of the toxic relationship. The lyrics show the guilt felt by Jon Z and Iglesias as they melodiously sing about their remorse.

Watch the Despues Que Te Perdi music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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