Watch Jonas Blue’s What I Like About You music video, featuring Theresa Rex

English DJ and producer Jonas Blue released the music video for his single What I Like About You, featuring Danish singer Theresa Rex, on Friday, 26 April 2019.

What I Like About You is an energy-filled collaboration between the two artists. Theresa Rex’s soaring vocal performance stands front-and-center alongside a climatic, synthy beat that is the perfect mixture of pop and electronic music.

The music video begins with a couple lying on a car’s bonnet, overlooking the city. The shot then flicks to a woman taking pictures of graffiti artwork, bringing her to meet a male character that asks to take her picture. As this is happening, a prologue from a female voice begins, telling a tale of a love that takes her outside of her comfort zone, allowing her to truly experience life. The rest of the music video follows the couple through wild adventures.

Watch the What I Like About You music video below.